Fall/National Scholarships

Big National Scholarships

This is a scholarship list created to feature some high dollar scholarships that don’t always show up on search engines like College Greenlight or Fastweb. The requirements and deadlines for each scholarship are listed in this document, but always refer to the scholarship website for the most accurate information!

Copy of Scholarships 2018-2019

Personalized Scholarship Matching Sites

Online scholarship search engines are a great way to personalize your scholarship search with little effort. After you create your account, just be sure to go back in and update your profile with as much detail as possible — the more detailed your profile is, the better the search engine will be at recommending scholarships for you. Use the descriptions below to decide which one sounds like the best fit for you!

    • College Greenlight — This is the one we recommend starting with. It's a newer scholarship matching service that was created specifically to connect first generation and underrepresented students to generous scholarships. It's free to create an account and it will even show you how much effort/time completing each scholarship is estimated to take so you can effectively budget your time.
    • College Board Scholarship Search — College Board is a great option if you want to do a quick search for scholarships associated with a certain major or career. You don't have to make an account to use it, although it's recommended. College Board is full of resources that offer much more than a considerable list of scholarships, including a more Scholarship Search Information.
    • Fastweb — Fastweb is another website where you can create an account for free so it can show you only the scholarships you qualify for. You can also manage the scholarships you want to apply for. They will frequently email you about the scholarships it identifies for you and it doesn't share your information with any third parties, so it's an efficient way to narrow your scholarship search.

If you aren't satisfied with the options above, here are a few of the other reputable scholarship matching websites available. Just keep in mind that once you create an account on one or two scholarship matching websites, it's recommended that you stick with them, because at some point, the scholarships that get recommended to you will start to overlap.

    • Niche — Niche is one of the easiest sites to navigate. It’s neatly organized into categories that make it simple to start finding and applying for scholarships, including, but not limited to, sports, interest area, career and major. The one downside is that it can be tricky to filter outside of these preset groupings, but with no required sign-up and a user-friendly design, Niche is a simple and powerful resource.
    • Unigo — Unigo has plenty to offer beyond just scholarships, including jobs, internships, college profiles and rankings, articles and a textbook store. When it comes to scholarships, the site offers both profile-based matching as well as easy-to-browse categories. It's interface is also very user-friendly which makes finding scholarships simple.
    • Chegg — Chegg's interface is simple and the mandatory sign-up process is well worth the time. What’s more, it has a “top scholarship picks this week” category, which highlights opportunities you may have otherwise missed. And on top of the scholarships, Chegg offers homework help, tutoring, test prep, internships and cheap textbook options for when you're in college!

Scholarship Browsing Websites

If you're looking for a more hands-on approach to searching for scholarships, these websites have a large collection of scholarships that are neatly organized into categories that you can search through without creating an account.

    • JLV College Counseling Site — HIGHLY recommended... It includes a great collection of scholarships broken down into different categories for easy searching. All scholarship lists are organized by deadline to help you prioritize!
    • Major & Subject-Specific Scholarships — Use this site to narrow your search for scholarship programs to find ones that best suits your status as a student, your educational background and your ultimate career goal.
    • Student-Specific ScholarshipsUse this site to narrow your search for scholarship programs designed to reward different extracurricular activities, personal hobbies and interests, unique talents and distinctive cultural heritage.

Scholarship Search for Non-Citizens

If you do not have U.S. citizenship or permanent residency, see below for some larger lists of scholarships that you may be eligible for:

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Getting Creative with Your Scholarship Search

If you've exhausted all of your options above, you might also consider using some of these more creative scholarship strategies:

    • Google scholarships with specific keywords specific to what you're looking for — This is one of the best, underutilized ways to identify scholarships specific to who you are, your talents, your interests, etc. For example, if you really like public speaking, you might Google something like:
    • CREATE YOUR OWN SCHOLARSHIP! Reach out to your employer, businesses/organizations in your community, etc. to ask if they would consider creating a scholarship opportunity for students like you. Oftentimes, it's not that the business didn't want to offer a scholarship in the past; it could very well be that the business just hasn't thought about offering a scholarship. You could also ask the business if they need any work done in exchange for a scholarship — that has worked for students in the past too! The worst they can say is no, and if they do create a scholarship opportunity, the competition for that scholarship would be pretty small if you're the one that initially inquired about it!

**A Note on Scholarship Scams**

As you're searching for scholarships, make sure you know what NOT to apply for! The College Board has some great tips on How to Spot Scholarship Scams.

Also check out this link with more information about How to Avoid and Protect Yourself from Scholarship Scams.