Spring Visits

By the middle of April, you most likely will have heard back from all your schools. This means it is time to start weighing your options so that you can make your final decision. The best way to get information is to VISIT the different schools you have been accepted to! There are several ways to make this happen.

Admitted Student Days

Most schools offer one or multiple days when students who have been admitted are invited to visit campus. Unlike a normal campus visit, the purpose of admitted or accepted students days are to allow students to explore colleges and universities at a deeper level so that they can decide if the college is a good fit for them. On these visit days, you will likely have the opportunity to participate in a variety of events ranging from student panels and campus tours, to sporting events and student organization fairs. Some schools allow you to sit in on classes, eat in the dining hall, or stay the weekend with a student host. Many will allow you to speak with members of academic departments so you can learn more about your major and the different academic offerings.

If you can't attend the scheduled admitted students day, reach out to the admissions office. Many will work with you to plan a weekend when you can stay with an overnight host or come to campus. You won't necessarily have access to all the same events, but getting on campus is still really important.

NOTE: If you would like to attend an accepted student day, but cannot afford to travel to the school, again, reach out to the admissions office. Many schools have fly-in programs or funds for students who have been accepted, so they may be able to help you get to campus. It is worth asking about any opportunities like that to see if you can get to campus!

Accepted Student Fly-In Programs

There are some schools that offer fly-in programs for students who have been accepted. The majority of the time, you are made aware of this type of visit because you are invited to participate. However, some schools may have a short application for you to fill out.

Similarly to fall fly-in programs, the cost of your travel to campus and your expenses while you are on campus will be covered by the college. Keep an eye on your email for information about this kind of opportunity.

NOTE: Sometimes invitations to spring fly-in programs will go out before admissions decisions are officially released. However, if you are not invited to participate in one of these weekends, that DOES NOT MEAN you will not be accepted.

Making the Most Out of Spring Visits

No matter if you attend an accepted students day/weekend or set up your own campus visit, spring visits are a little different than fall visits. At this point, you have been accepted and are now trying to figure out if the school is a good choice for you. Here are some things you can do to make the most out of a spring visit:

  • Get a better understanding of the school's social life and student-body
  • Determine what resources are available to you specifically and how you access them (e.g. writing center, center for multicultural students, internship opportunities, etc.)
  • Meet with the financial aid office to go over any financial aid questions and your award
  • Remember that accepted student days and weekends are not the norm! Schools are trying to get you to enroll so that may not be the best representation of what an average day at the college looks like!
  • Ask questions!
  • Trust yourself - many students have a gut reaction to a school, don't ignore it!

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