HBCUs & Minority-serving Institutions

HBCUs: Historically Black Colleges & Universities

HBCUs represent 3% of all colleges/universities, yet enroll 11% of African Americans in higher education.


Hispanic Serving Institutions


Asian American and Pacific Islander Serving Institutions

  • AANAPISIs represent LESS than 1% of all colleges/ universities, yet enroll 20% of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders


Tribal Colleges and Universities

  • TCUs represent 1% of higher education, yet enroll 9% of Native American Students.

Direct Benefits

  • Same race role models
  • Able to address deficiencies resulting from poor preparation in primary and secondary school
  • Preparation students to succeed in the workforce and in graduate and professional education

Indirect Benefits

  • Student’s gain a stronger understanding of their history
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Experiences are validated
  • Supportive Atmosphere
  • Increased self confidence