What is Questbridge?

The QuestBridge National College Match is a college and scholarship application process that helps outstanding low-income high school seniors gain admission and full four-year scholarships to the nation's most selective colleges.

If you are a student who has achieved academic excellence in the face of economic challenges, we encourage you to apply. QuestBridge's college partners are committed to making college affordable for all students — regardless of financial background — and offer generous financial aid packages that cover 100% of demonstrated financial need.

To learn more visit the Questbridge website:

Who are the QuestBridge college partners?

40 of the top universities in the country.

20 are research universities, 20 are liberal arts colleges

Read about the difference between research universities and liberal arts colleges!

Research the QuestBridge Partners

Copy of Questbridge Partner Colleges

A Note about the QuestBridge Application Strategy

Questbridge partners with 40 of the top universities in America. Some of are better known than others, but all offer an amazing education. Don't just focus on the ones you know-- do your research on each of them.

At the end of the day, if you get matched, you'll get a full ride to one of the top colleges in the U.S!

The 4 non-binding partners

Questbridge is a binding application. If you get the scholarship, then you have to attend the school where you "match." The only exceptions are Stanford, Yale, Princeton, & MIT. These are the non-binding QB members-- if you match with one of these schools then the scholarship is non-binding. You can decide to give up the scholarship and attend another school.

Common Questbridge Strategies to Avoid

Students are often afraid of listing colleges on Questbridge because of the binding aspect of the Match. They don't want to get "stuck" at a college that they don't want to attend.

1. Applying only to the 4 non-binding members (MIT, Yale, Stanford, Princeton)

2. Applying to the 4 non-binding members + their dream school.

3. Applying to only a couple Questbridge partners.

These strategies are usually unsuccessful because so many students do this, it strongly decreases the chance that you will be matched. If you really have your heart set on just one college, we advise not doing Questbridge and applying to that Early Decision.

Remember that all QB colleges are great schools. Do your research and fill your list of between 6-12 colleges for the best chance of being matched!