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Common questions about recruiting and wrestling in college

What are the goals of college athletics?

  1. Get a meaningful degree

  2. Be the best athlete that you can be (or want to be).

What is your level of dedication to athletics & to school?

-goals of coaches, colleges, and students should be aligned on these two goals!

What do the different divisions mean?

Is college wrestling for me?

What level of college wrestling is for me?

How do I reach out to college coaches?

How can I tell if a coach is interested in me?

How is applying to college different as an athlete?

How is the college experience different as an athlete?

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Being sold only on the school

Being sold only on the wrestling program

Being sold on a level beyond your athletic ability

Thinking you are being recruited when you are not.

Thinking you need to be a top recruit to wrestle