DACA/Undoc Resources

State Aid Policies for Undocumented Students

Undocumented/DACA students are not eligible for federal aid (Pell Grants or Federal Loans) anywhere. However, state tuition & state aid policies vary by state.

Most Inclusive Policies: In-state tuition & state financial aid


Inclusive: In-state tuition, and some state aid or scholarships


Partly Inclusive: In-state tuition, but no state financial aid


Less Inclusive: In-state tuition at some public universities, no state financial aid


Exclusive Policies: No in-state tuition or state financial aid


Most Exclusive: Undocumented or DACA students barred from some or all public universities


Most Inclusive: States in which undocumented students are eligible for in-state tuition & state financial aid:

• California

Separate application via California Dream Act

Immigrants Rising Resources: In-state tuition overview

Immigrants Rising Resources

• Texas

Separate application via TAFSA (College for All All Texans)

• Minnesota

Separate Application via MN Dream ACT

• New Mexico

No separate financial aid application. DACA students can apply for competitive & non-competitive state scholarships on university websites. Info Here & HERE

• Washington

Separate application via the Washington State Dream Act (WASFA Application)


Separate application via the Oregon Student Aid Application (ORSAA)

Now DACA students get in-state tuition for graduate education!

Inclusive: States in which undocumented students are eligible for in-state tuition and some state financial aid:

• Nevada

The state of Nevada has not set policy on tuition benefits for undocumented students. However, some public colleges and universities individually elect to provide in-state tuition and institutional aid to undocumented students in-state tuition. These include UNLV & UNR.

Undocumented students are eligible for some Nevada state scholarships listed here, including the Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship Program.

Nevada State Higher Education resources-- are DACA eligible for Promise Scholarship b/c how would they complete FAFSA?

• Colorado

As of April 29, 2013, qualified undocumented students became eligible for in-state tuition in the state of Colorado.

ASSET (Advancing Students for a Stronger Economy Tomorrow) Bill (SB-13-033) | Student Eligibility Requirements

Are you eligible Chart: http://www.ciccoloradoasset.org/images/Colorado-ASSET-Flowchart-College-In-Colorado.pdf

Explanation of bill: https://highered.colorado.gov/Finance/Asset/ASSETFAQ_05232013.pdf.

College Opportunity Fund (DACA students are eligible): https://cof.college-assist.org/Home/Faq.

Inclusive: States in which undocumented students are eligible for in-state tuition (but not state financial aid):

• New York

In state tuition, but no state financial aid. More info for SUNY & CUNY campuses.

• Florida

DACA students are eligible for a tuition waiver to get in-state tuition. No state financial aid including Bright Futures. More info here & here.

• Idaho

SB 1280 was signed into law on March 22, 2016. It extended in-state tuition to undocumented students who enroll at an Idaho public college. More info on the Idaho DACA students FB Group. Univ of Idaho residency information here.

• Kansas

As of 2004, the State of Kansas provides in-state tuition to undocumented students through HB 2145.

University of Kansas information & link to affidavit.

Kansas State Sigma Lambda Scholarship

Comparison of Missouri vs. Kansas laws (bottom of pdf).

• Nebraska

The State of Nebraska provides in-state tuition to undocumented students as of 2006 via LB 239.

University of Nebraska system financial aid information.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln DACA information.

• Illinois

The state of Illinois provides undocumented students with in-state tuition and privately funded scholarships through Public Act 093-007 (In-State Tuition) and SB 2185 (Illinois DREAM Act).

College Guides for both students & counselors with information on aid for many IL public & private colleges: http://www.icirr.org/our-work/details/9/education-initiatives

Information on the IL Dream ACT: http://www.isac.org/resources-for-non-us-citizens/index.html

Consolidated list of Scholarships 2016: http://www.icirr.org/content/documents/new_scholarship_guide_fall_2016.pdf

How to apply to the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign as an undocumented student.

Clear instruction on receiving in-state tuition from UIC.

• Connecticut

Connecticut offered in-state tuition to unauthorized immigrant students in 2011, and the required number of high school years attended in the state was reduced from four to two years in 2015. HB 6844

State financial aid will be available beginning spring 2020

UConn: http://admissions.uconn.edu/undocumented-students

CT Students for a Dream Scholarship List: http://www.ct4adream.org/scholarship

CT Students for a Dream in-state tuition guide: http://media.wix.com/ugd/edb40f_7dfb4b80294f02dc7e891c7bd1aa9970.pdf

CT Private Colleges Guide: http://www.ct4adream.org/educator-resources (available here)

• New Jersey

The state of New Jersey provides in-state tuition for eligible undocumented students. However, undocumented students continue to be ineligible for state scholarships and financial aid.

Rutgers FAQs

Ramapo College of NJ (resources but no financial aid information)

• Maryland

Maryland provides eligible undocumented students with in-state tuition at public community colleges and universities. Under SB 167, students must first attend a community college prior to qualifying for in-state tuition at a four-year institution.

MD Promise Scholarship: Starting in 2019-2020 the Promise Scholarship creates opportunities for students to attend one of Maryland’s public community colleges by providing tuition assistance for any student eligible for in-state tuition.

Montgomery College Info about MD Dream Act

Univ. of Maryland DACA resources

• DC

The University of the District of Columbia & UDC Community College are the only public institutions in DC. In 2017, Mayor Muriel Bowser signed D.G. ACT 21-650 allowing any individual--regardless of immigration status-- to pay in-state tuition and to receive local financial aid.

Students qualify if they've attended a D.C. school "within the previous 10 years, attended high school in the District of Columbia for 3 years, graduated from a high school in the District, or received the equivalent of a high school diploma in the District."

• Virginia

DACA recipients who meet all other requirements qualify for in-state tuition in Virginia, but otherwise undocumented students are not eligible for in-state tuition.

Explanation: Domicile Determinations for Students Under Deferred Action for Childhood

2014 VA Attorney General's Decision allowing DACA students to establish VA domicile

Northern Virginia CC DACA information

VA in-state costs

VA Information for VA Fin Aid & Domicile Officers

UVA DACA Resources

• Utah

Through HB 144 , the state of Utah provides undocumented students with in-state tuition eligibility.

Scholarships for Utah undocumented students

Univ of Utah DACA resources & links to affidavits at all Utah public colleges

More info on HB 144 at the Univ of Utah

Utah State DACA resources

Univ of Utah Dream Center with scholarships

Report with probably more information than you need

Educate (local NGO working with Utah DACA/undoc students) Scholarship List

Educate HB 144 & SB 253 information

• Massachusetts:

Massachusetts has not passed legislation extending in-state tuition eligibility to all undocumented students. However, DACA beneficiaries are eligible for in-state tuition at all public colleges and universities.

2012 Announcement allowing DACA students in-state tuition

Mass Dept Higher Education Info on DACA

UMASS Boston Info

UMASS Amherst Info

DACA students are eligible for the Abigail & John Adams Scholarship!


The state of Arizona specifically prohibits in-state tuition rates for undocumented students. As of April, 2018 it also prohibits in-state tuition for DACA students.

Univ of Arizona process: https://admissions.arizona.edu/how-to-apply/daca-students and Scholarships

Northern Arizona University: https://nau.edu/SSC/Arizona-Residency/

Arizona State University: https://students.asu.edu/residency-DACA

Isac Amaya Scholarship



The state of Oklahoma provided in-state tuition to undocumented students from 2003 to 2008. In 2008, HB 1804 was passed, placing the burden of whether to provide in-state tuition to undocumented students on the Oklahoma Board of Regents. Undocumented students still receive in-state tuition if they meet certain requirements:

Good application information & state grants available through applications on university websites (see OSU here & OU here).

A good overview from the University of Central Oklahoma.

Partly Inclusive: States in which undocumented students are eligible for in-state tuition at some Public Universities

• Hawaii

Currently, there is not a state policy that gives undocumented students access to in-state tuition. However, under Hawaii Statute 304A-402, the university board of regents has the power to waive or reduce tuition fees for both resident and nonresident students. The University of Hawaii system has ruled that undocumented students qualify for in-state tuition. This applies to all 4 four-year and 6 two-year institutions in the University of Hawaii system.

UH in-state tuition decision

UH Manoa Residency Requirements and here (no mention of DACA)

• Michigan

Michigan has not passed a law that gives in-state tuition to undocumented students. However, the governing boards of several public universities and community colleges, including the University of Michigan, have exercised their constitutional autonomy and formally adopted in-state tuition for undocumented students. Other colleges and universities may maintain informal tuition policies that allow undocumented students to access in-state tuition. On July 18, 2014, the University of Michigan announced a pilot program of need-based funding for undocumented students who qualify for in-state tuition).

Universities where DACA students can get in-state tuition: Ferris State, Lake Superior State (in-state tuition for all), University of Michigan- Ann Arbor and establishing residence, Western Michigan)

One Michigan College Guide

• Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has not passed legislation to provide in-state tuition to undocumented students. Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE)- 14 Universities that make up the PASSHE system provide in-state tuition rates to anyone who has been “domiciled” in Pennsylvania. Under this policy, undocumented students may pay in-state tuition if they can provide clear and convincing evidence of having been “domiciled” in Pennsylvania.

PASSHE Schools: Bloomsburg, Cheyney, East Stroudsburg, Indiana, Lock Haven, Millersville, Slippery Rock, California, Clarion, Edinboro, Kutztown, Mansfield, Shippensburg, West Chester

Other Pennsylvania state schools may consider admitting undocumented students at in-state tuition rates but such practices are neither uniform nor part of an established policy.

PA Immigrant Toolkit for Undocumented Students (includes info on private schools in PA as well)

Sanjee's presentation with private & community college info.

• Rhode Island

The Rhode Island legislature has not passed a law extending in-state tuition eligibility to undocumented students, but in 2011 the Board of Governors for Higher Education voted unanimously in favor of in-state tuition access for undocumented students meeting certain residency requirements.

Rhode Island College (Guidance for undocumented students)

University of Rhode Island (Guidance for undocumented students)

Tam Tran Scholarship

• Kentucky

Kentucky’s Council for Post-Secondary Education Policy 13:KAR2:045 allows undocumented immigrants the opportunity to pay in-state tuition rates if the student graduates from a Kentucky high school or completes their GED. It has enabled select colleges and universities to offer in-state tuition residency to undocumented students on the basis of high school attendance.

KY College Guide

Blue Grass Community & Technical College

Univ of Louisville: Residency for Tuition (doesn't mention DACA) and Residency Requirements for Intl/Undocumented Students

• Delaware

The state of Delaware does not have a policy giving undocumented students in-state tuition. However, Delaware Technical Community College and the University of Delaware already consider qualified undocumented students to be eligible for in-state tuition.

DTCC: https://www.dtcc.edu/admissions-financial-aid/financial-aid-scholarships/types-aid/seed/scholarship-requirements

Delaware Goes to College

• Ohio

According to Ohio state statute, undocumented students are not eligible to receive in-state tuition. However, as of July 2013, the Ohio Board of Regents declared that DACA recipients qualify for in-state tuition if they meet all other criteria for residency under Ohio law.

Univ of Toledo: http://www.utoledo.edu/offices/registrar/residency/Immigration.html

Ohio State: http://registrar.osu.edu/Residency/immigration_status.asp

Board of Regents Decision: http://codes.ohio.gov/oac/3333-1-10

• Maine

The state of Maine currently charges undocumented students out-of-state tuition at higher education institutions. University of Maine’s system (7 universities) offers in-state tuition to eligible DACA recipients. Students have to clearly specify their status on the application.

Exclusive: States in which undocumented students are NOT eligible for in-state tuition OR financial aid):

• Wyoming

The state of Wyoming does not provide in-state tuition to undocumented students. No detailed information found, but undocumented students may be eligible to pay 150% of the in-state tuition rate at the University of Wyoming through the WESTERN UNDERGRADUATE EXCHANGE.

Univ of Wyoming Office of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion to contact about DACA rates.

• Montana

The state of Montana briefly denied undocumented students public university benefits through HB 638 (LR 121). However, the majority of LR 121 was struck down in court.

• North Dakota

The state of North Dakota does not provide in-state tuition to undocumented students.

• South Dakota

The state of South Dakota has not passed a bill that would allow or deny in-state tuition for undocumented students.

• Missouri

The state of Missouri does not provide in-state tuition to undocumented students. According to Missouri's state budget, "public higher education institutions cannot knowingly offer these students in-state tuition." DACA recipients are no longer eligible for in-state tuition.

St. Louis CC DACA Scholarship

Missouri higher education regulations for DACA & undocumented students

Hispanic Arts Council of St. Louis Scholarships

• Iowa

The state of Iowa has not passed legislation to provide undocumented students with in-state tuition. Iowa does not have any known tuition equity law or policies implemented. Iowa State, University of Iowa provides merit scholarships for DACA students. Univ of Northern Iowa.

• Indiana

The Indiana legislature passed House Bill 1402 prohibiting in-state tuition for undocumented students, however, some institutions allow DACA recipients in-state tuition. According to SB 207, the state of Indiana allows undocumented students, who were enrolled in an Indiana college or university before July 1, 2011, to receive in-state tuition. Indiana Undocumented Youth Alliance FB. Daca.IU website. DACA at Purdue.

• Wisconsin

In the State of Wisconsin, qualified undocumented students were eligible for in-state tuition from 2009 to 2011, but AB 40 revoked eligibility in 2011. Undocumented students must now pay out-of-state tuition rates at Wisconsin public colleges and universities.

• Arkansas

Arkansas does not extend in-state tuition eligibility to undocumented students. However, it is uncertain if DACA recipients are eligible for in-state tuition.

• North Carolina

Undocumented/DACA students can enroll in pubic universities & community colleges, but are classified as out-of-state residents. DACA residents can qualify for in-state tuition at community colleges through a work sponsorship. More work sponsorship information here.

Students can get $5000 out-of-state tuition at 3 NC Promise Colleges: UNC Pembroke, Western Carolina, & Elizabeth City State University.

• Mississippi

MS does not provide in-state tuition to undocumented students. DACA residents can qualify for in-state tuition at community colleges.

• Tennessee

The state of Tennessee has not passed a law concerning undocumented students access to higher education or in-state tuition eligibility.

The 13 community colleges & 27 colleges of applied technology under the Tennessee Board of Regents consider undocumented & DACA students as out-of-state students. Tennessee Board of Regents website.

Institutions within the University of Tennessee system “do not knowingly accept” undocumented students.

Policy of 6 independent public universities is unclear: Univ of Memphis, East Tennessee State, Middle Tennessee State, Tennessee State, Tennessee Tech, Austin Peay State College.


• West Virginia

West Virginia does not grant in-state tuition to undocumented students. WVU policy here.

• New Hampshire

The State of New Hampshire effectively bars undocumented students from receiving in-state tuition. Since the passage of HB 1383 in 2012, students are required to sign an affidavit certifying their legal status in order to receive in-state tuition.

• Vermont

The state of Vermont has not implemented a policy granting undocumented students in-state tuition.

• Alaska

The state of Alaska does not have explicit legislation that allows or prohibit in-state tuition for undocumented students.

Most exclusive: States in which undocumented students are barred from Public Universities


Undocumented students are barred from enrolling at any public postsecondary institution. DACA recipients are eligible to enroll in community colleges & certain public institutions at in-state rates: UA Huntsville, UA Birmingham, UA Tuscaloosa, Univ. of Montevallo, Troy-Dothan, Troy-Troy, Auburn- Montgomery, and Auburn Univ. at Auburn.

South Carolina:

Undocumented students are barred from all public universities, including community colleges. Students w/ DACA can attend public institutions once they go through a federal verification process. However, students with undocumented parents are assumed to have out-of-state residence and it is up to the student to prove SC domicile. More info here and here.

Undocumented/DACA students are barred from most selective public universities, including: UGA, Georgia Tech, Georgia State, Medical College of Georgia, and Georgia College & State. However, they can attend other universities & community colleges (More info here).

Detailed current policy from the University System of Georgia.

Affordable Private Colleges for DACA Students

Scholarship Lists

The Dream.US Scholarship-- How it Works

National Scholarship

Students living in the following states where they qualify for in-state tuition (IL, VA, DC, DE, NJ, NY, CT, FL, TX, AZ, NV, CO, WA, OR, CA), can apply for a scholarship at a partner university in that state.

Opportunity Scholarship

Students living in a locked out state (AL, ID, ND, SD, IA, WI, MO AR, IN, LA, MS, GA, SC, NC, WV)

Can apply for up to a $20,000/per year scholarship to one of the following universities: Western Oregon University, Christian Brothers University (TN), Trinity University (DC, womens), Delaware State University, Eastern Connecticut State University.

Loans for DACA/International Students

DACA/Undocumented Overview